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TX Whiskey Laces Up


The patriots behind TX Whiskey live by the mantra of living free and living bold, with a deep sense of honor and respect. That’s why they’ve laced up with Boot Campaign to support those who wear the American flag in protection of the freedoms we all enjoy each and every day. Our team caught up with them at Whiskey Ranch to get the scoop. 

Tell us why supporting the military community is important to TX Whiskey? 

As a brand, it’s important for us to stand behind the people that stand tall for us. The US military is no exception. Texas has 18 military bases in the state, and we’ve grown up amongst some of the greatest men and women because of that. They are part of our community and culture, and we want to do as much for them as we can.

What do you want the American public to know about those who serve? 

TX Whiskey celebrates and commends all the men and women in the armed forces. We admire the bold and brave choices they face every day, to ensure that our country, our friends, and our families are safe and protected.

What does patriotism mean to TX Whiskey? 

Patriotism is pride. It is the pride we all share to support our nation no matter what. At TX Whiskey, we believe that this pride starts with the men and women on the frontlines that vigorously support this nation every day.

Why do you believe in the mission of Boot Campaign and our dedication to providing individualized care for invisible wounds of war? 

As Texans, we grew up learning to take care of our own — family, friends, people in our community, and people who are working to strive for the greater good. We often hear stories of esteemed veterans coming home from active duty and not knowing what to do next with their lives. We owe it to these men and women to help them and their families find the right grounding for civilian life, and we believe that Boot Campaign does a phenomenal job at that.