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Allegiance Flag Supply Laces Up


“Allegiance Flag Supply truly believes the American flag is the ultimate symbol of our great country, a true representation of the very fabric of the United States of America,” said Wes Lyon, Co-Founder of Allegiance Flag Supply. 

We at Boot Campaign couldn’t agree more. Our friends at Allegiance Flag Supply have a true passion for the symbolism of the flag and those that have sacrificed for it. 

We asked them why they joined our #LaceUpAMERICA movement and here’s what they said. 

What does patriotism mean to you?

At Allegiance Flag Supply, patriotism means everything to us. It means creating the best American flag, it means creating American jobs and it means doing our part to make our country better than we found it. We are committed to doing our part to serve Americans across our great country and to spread a message of unity. In our country, there are different people with many different views from many different backgrounds, but true Patriotism is taking those differences into account with love and respect, and knowing at the end of the day that is what makes us great. 

What is it about Boot Campaign’s mission that is important to you?

Active duty military, Veterans and their collective families are so incredibly important to Allegiance Flag Supply and our country as a whole. There are many great military related non-profit organizations out there, but Boot Campaign has built an organization that goes above and beyond. We really like the fact that they strive to get the attention and obtain involvement from Americans from all walks of life. As a collective, it is up to us all to support these brave men and women and their families. Boot Campaign’s tailored Health & Wellness initiative shows that they are not just throwing money at random causes, they are making sure what and who they support provides a deep and long lasting positive impact for those that need it most. Finally, their services extend into entire families, so the positive effects are felt across many family members and could even have an impact on future generations. 

What does it mean to Allegiance Flag Supply to give back and support veterans?

Active duty military, Veterans and first responders are individuals that keep our nation going. Without their service, we wouldn’t be able to wake up and do what we do everyday. Many of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice and put themselves on the line for us, giving back the most we can is a small price to pay for that. We will always do our best to show our support and as our company grows, this mission and passion will grow along with it.