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Shiner Laces Up in New Boots at Spoetzl Brewery


12 years of toasting our troops together and our partnership with Shiner has brewed up a new addition: limited edition boots!  

“Shiner has a long history of supporting the military and their families. For troops in the U.S and overseas, Shiner always offers the comforting taste of home. It is important for us to give back to those who serve our country by raising money and partnering with like-minded brands and organizations,” says Nick Weiland, Shiner Beer’s Brand Director. 

To celebrate the new Shiner Beers x Boot Campaign co-branded Altama Boot launch, the entire staff at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner laced up for a fresh, new boot shoot! Watching as all of the custom, Shiner Bock Kryptek camo boots gathered outside the historic brewery was a sight to see.  

“It is an absolute honor to partner with an organization that aims to restore the lives of veterans and military families,” says Weiland. “This year’s co-branded combat boots are a great way for Shiner fans to show support for the troops with the purchase of their own pair at the Spoetzl Brewery or online at shop.bootcampaign.org.” 

You can also support Boot Campaign’s mission by purchasing specially marked packages of Shiner Bock and Shiner Light Blonde with the Boot Campaign logo this summer.  

Thank you to Shiner and The Gambrinus Company for continuing your commitment to supporting our nation’s military men and women; we’re honored to have your team lace up and stand alongside our mission!