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Mike Tatz Bleeds Red, White And Blue


Mike Tatz bleeds red, white and blue. As an athlete and an Army veteran, Mike’s passion for fitness and service before self began as a kid. Now, as a veteran business leader and co-owner of Resilience CBD, Mike continues to give back to those who are wearing the American flag to defend the safety, security and freedoms we all cherish each and every day.

Why did you join the military? 

“I joined the military and began my journey at West Point in 2002 after reflecting on the events of 9/11. As a young child I always loved our country and I felt it was important carry the torch forward that so many others had done for us in the past. Freedom is not free, and I knew it was my duty to serve so that my family and all Americans could continue to live the way of life which we all value. Although small, I wanted to do my part.”

What is it about Boot Campaign’s mission that is important to you?

“I hate seeing people suffer, especially those who have laid their life on the line to protect our freedoms. I have countless friends and fellow Soldiers who continue to suffer after their time in the service. These men and women volunteered to serve, and answered the call when it came, whether or not they agreed with the mission. Never should their heroism be forgotten, and they should always be supported. The Boot Campaign takes these men and women under their wing, and provides them a wellness program that revitalizes the lives of these true heroes, when they need it most. Simply an exemplary organization!” 

What does it mean to #LiveLacedUp?

“As a college wrestler, I was always anal about tying my shoes perfectly whether it was before practice or before a match. Because once my shoes were laced up, I was ready to roll, ready to compete, and ready to give it my all. In life, it’s important to have gratitude, live with accountability, and strive to be your very best… every damn day. Once you’re laced up, you’re ready to do that; you’re ready to accomplish anything, and you’re ready to be an unstoppable force. If all of us as a society laced up our shoes and fought to make this world a special place everyday, amazing things would pursue.” 

What does patriotism mean to you?

“As Americans, I believe we live in the greatest country in the world, surrounded by the greatest people in the world, and protected by the greatest military in the world. But our success has come at a heavy cost. I think back to the millions of service members who gave everything so that it could be this way, so that we could fly flags in front of our house, do what we want when we want, or stand together and sing the National Anthem before big events. We must remember them, honor them, and make it our priority to never let this way of life change. By gripping arms and coming together as a nation, we can insure our children, our children’s children, and everyone down the line can live happy and free – FOREVER!”