National Boot Week
November 4 to 11

Join the Cause

Buy a pair of boots.
Proceeds benefit programs for Veterans.

Snap a selfie. Tag & challenge friends to #LaceUpAmerica or Donate $5 to the cause.

Wear your boots everywhere you go November 4-11 and start a conversation.

Why Lace Up, America?

To show support for our brave military service men and women. While #LaceUpAmerica is a year-long effort, National Boot Week transforms Veterans Day into a week-long celebration of support and gratitude for our veterans and military families.

Join us in wearing combat boots the week leading up to Veterans Day — to work, to shop, to school, and out on the town.

And when people ask why, let them know that according to a recent survey 71% of civilians say they know little or nothing about the problems military personnel face. Only 1% of our nation’s population serves – often at great sacrifice to self and family. And they do it for the other 99% of us.

That’s why Boot Campaign is dedicated to providing life-improving programs to help veterans and military families nationwide bridge the military – civilian divide.

 Will you join our effort to stand together in a virtual and viral salute for our military community?

Since 2009 more than 500 celebrities and
news-makers have laced up.