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Rising Country Star Erin Kinsey Laces Up


Erin Kinsey is the latest country star to lace up with Boot Campaign in support of our military men and women nationwide. 

As a rising artist born in Texas and living in Nashville, she has an innate respect for our nation’s military and the commitment made to our country. She even wrote and released a new song titled, “Boys in Boots,” that has connected with both country fans and military spouses coast to coast. 

We asked Erin a few questions to help us learn more about her, what “lacing up” means to her and why she is excited to support our mission at Boot Campaign. 

Tell us more about the inspiration behind your new song “Boys in Boots.”

“Boys In Boots” is one of the most fun songs I’ve ever written. I feel like as a songwriter, there can be a lot of pressure to write songs that make the world turn the other way around, but this song we wrote just with the intention of giving country music listeners something to drive around to with the windows down! 

What has been so cool is to see that even though we wrote the song intentionally talking about “cowboy boots”, people have really made this song their own and have posted videos with their spouses in combat boots. It added a whole new layer of connection to the song even after it was recorded and released, which is truly what music is all about. 

Why is supporting the military community important to you?

Men and women who are selfless enough to put their passions, talents, time, and lives towards the pursuit of keeping people like me and my family safe, at the very least deserve our support. It is absolutely inspiring and it’s an honor to be able to send them love and hope in any small way.

What does it mean to you to lace up in a pair of combat boots?

Putting on those boots was more powerful than I expected. As a country artist, as you can imagine, I’ve put on many a pair of boots in my day. 

However, to lace up combat boots for a photoshoot made me so thankful for the people who lace them up every day to put their lives on the line so we can live the lives we do here in America. It no doubt put things in a new light. 

What does the message of YOU MATTER mean to you? 

The two words “You Matter” are so impactful. It’s a message that no one could truly be told enough, especially our veterans and military families. 

In such a fast-paced moving world, I think it can be so easy to forget how important, and crucial our individual selves are. Reminding someone how much they matter and mean is never a waste of time!

Why do you believe in the mission of Boot Campaign?

I don’t know if there’s ever enough we could really do to thank our veterans and military families for their sacrifice, but everything that Boot Campaign does is just about as close as it gets. The way they take the time to individually help and support each different situation shows that they aren’t just checking off a box, but truly want to improve the lives of our American heroes.