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Professional Bull Fighter Cade “Gibby” Gibson Laces Up


The 2018 World Champion in American Freestyle Bullfighting, Cade “Gibby” Gibson is headed to Las Vegas to go after another World Championship! Before Cade headed to Vegas, he traded his cowboy boots for combat boots to #LaceUpAMERICA and support our efforts at Boot Campaign. He shared a bit more about what it meant to him to lace up:

Tell us why supporting the military is important to you?

Without the military, we wouldn’t be able to live in a free country and be able to do the things we love. They are on the grindstone day in and day out fighting for what they believe in and fighting for the freedom we benefit from every day. I have a jersey that I hold dear to my heart that is signed by veterans. They risk their lives so I can fight a bull every day.    

What does it mean to you to #LiveLacedUp and lace up a pair of combat boots?

I had a lot of great mentors that helped me get where I am today and giving back is woven into my DNA. To #LiveLacedUp means to inspire others, spread a good message and do the right thing. As I laced up these boots, I tightened everything up and was reminded to be ready for anything that is going to be thrown at you. 

What does patriotism mean to you? 

Patriotism is about standing up for your beliefs and staying true to them; it’s about fighting for what you believe in and staying true to the red, white and blue. There are so many new fads and bandwagons to jump on, but it’s not about that for me. It’s about holding on to who I am, no matter the circumstances. 

Why do you believe in the mission of Boot Campaign?

Military families need our love and gratitude more than ever, and I love how the Boot Campaign encourages us all to do that and provide more than just a thank you. I’m proud to lace up a pair of boots and share about the great things Boot Campaign is doing. 

Who else would you like to see in Boot Campaign boots?

One of the most patriotic humans I have ever met – Shorty Gorham!

Join our #LaceUpAMERICA movement in honor and celebration of Veterans Day at BootCampaign.org/LaceUpAMERICA and donate now!