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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Laces Up


In honor of our 10-Year-Anniversary, Boot Campaign CEO, Shelly Kirkland, caught up with Elisabeth Hasselbeck in Nashville to snap a new photo and meet her precious pup who was a big fan of our anniversary boot

Shelly: We are so grateful for your continued commitment to the military community. Why is it so important to you and your family? 

Elisabeth: Freedom is not free. It comes at a cost and it is protected and preserved by our men and women in uniform.  Our family proudly stands with gratitude for our United States military and our great nation’s veterans because each day- someone stands post  for our freedoms. 

Shelly: Do you have veterans in your family? 

Elisabeth: Our grandfathers served their nation as members of the Army and Navy, and our friends who have and currently are devoting their lives to service have become like family. The bravery, humility, love, and devotion exemplified by our service members, veterans and their families is never taken for granted by ours. 

Shelly: What does patriotism mean to you?

To our family: patriotism is an active gratitude for our country and the men and women in uniform who protect our freedom. That means participating in Boot Campaign, being active members for Team RWB, placing our hand over our heart, standing and singing the National Anthem, and kneeling to pray for those who serve and their loved ones.

Shelly: Why do you believe in the mission and message of Boot Campaign? 

Elisabeth: We are deeply grateful and honored to be a part of the Boot Campaign family. We lace up  as a message to our veterans that we are here for them when they return home. May God bless them, their families and the USA!

Join our #LaceUpAMERICA movement in honor and celebration of Veterans Day at BootCampaign.org/LaceUpAMERICA and donate now!