We are always inspired when new faces join our YOU MATTER message. With each person who wears or shares the message, we know and trust that an impact is being made, stigmas are being shattered and hope is communicated to someone who may not have felt their life had value. 

In September for Suicide Prevention Month, of those who joined our efforts we were especially inspired and moved by the message shared on Instagram by Australian soccer star Snez Veljanovska. Read below with what she shared: 

“I tried to end it all on 3 different occasions.

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Even though I believe it should be every month, this month marks something extra.

At 18 I tried, at 23 I tried again and at 26 was my last attempt. I promised myself I would never go back to that frame of mind and I would change myself! Now I help others get as far away from that as possible.

Don’t give me sympathy, this is made to empower you. No matter how much it hurts, you CAN heal.

People actually suffer from this and they deserve compassion and understanding.

We don’t realize how much value we place in others that we forget that our true value is measured ONLY by us.

The reason people start to struggle with their mental health comes down to a few things:

– Lack purpose.

– Lack passion.

– Hate life.

– No courage to take action.

– Major changes and lack of adaptability.

– They have been wronged so badly they couldn’t overcome the feeling of deceit.

– Too much pressure.

Most of the time we don’t realize how valuable we can be just by showing up. To those who are in need, to those who are struggling. I can tell you now, the ones who truly are struggle will not show it, they will hide it as best they can. That’s why it is important to look for the signs.

I want you to know that the reason why I am a reliable person is because I want to be who I always needed. I needed a dependable person, a supportive and empowering person, I never realized that I could be that until I became it.

The truth is this: YOU MATTER!”

If you or a loved one is experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, you can confidentially seek assistance via the Suicide Lifeline or the Veterans Crisis Line by dialing or texting 9-8-8 (Veterans press 1).