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Veteran Kelsi Sheren Shares Heart for YOU MATTER Message


YOU MATTER has always been personal to Canadian Veteran, Kelsi Sheren, but this year the message strikes an even deeper chord than before.

She is simply tired of seeing her brothers and sisters in arms die by their own hand, and has been using her voice and platform through her new book jewelry brand and podcast, Brass & Unity, more than ever to advocate for service members to seek the help they need to heal from their invisible wounds. 

Letting people know that they matter is at my core,” she shared. “It’s everything I do to uplift others and share this message so people, Veterans especially, know they are not a burden, that their lives are worth saving, that they can learn, heal and grow.” 

Kelsi’s book, Brass & Unity: One Woman’s Journey Through the Hell of Afghanistan and Back, launched this summer and shares her unique story of serving in the War in Afghanistan, personal struggles with posttraumatic stress disorder, and how she has continued to build her life, her brand and her story to uplift others. 

We all have the ability and can continue to learn, heal and grow throughout our lives. It’s a life-long process, a journey to make every day 1% better.

For me, YOU MATTER is not just a saying. It’s so much more. It’s a deep truth I wish all of us as humans could feel and accept. We are ALL worth saving. We are ALL worth the work.

Thank you Kelsi for being a champion for our YOU MATTER message in all that you do for the Veteran community. To check out our YOU MATTER Buddy Check Bracelets made by Brass & Unity, click here.