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Veteran, PBR Announcer on His Service, YOU MATTER


One of rodeo’s most experienced announcers Greg Simas surprisingly didn’t start off in the spotlight, or on horseback. A native of California, Simas grew up in a farming community that first exposed him to horses and ranch life. The influence of his grandfather led him to join the U.S. Marine Corps in 1993, and following his service, Greg found his calling in announcing. 

He’ll be joining us at the upcoming Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Event hosted by the City of Lewisville and Cox Event Productions benefiting Boot Campaign. Learn more about Greg, his time in the Marine Corps and what our mission and messages mean to him in the Q&A below. 

Why did you join the military?

My grandfather was my hero when I was a young boy. He was a WWII veteran and a cowboy. I remember playing “Army” (Marines…haha) men along the creek at my grandparent’s property for hours on end when visiting. I looked up to the man he was and wanted to be just like him. The older I got, I learned what it meant to give back and to sacrifice for others. Once I learned about the different branches, around the time Iraq invaded Kuwait, I knew I wanted nothing more than to be a U.S. Marine. 

What does patriotism mean to you personally?

It’s a sense of love and devotion to my country –o be proud of the country in which I live; to be proud of our young history; to be proud of the very ideals this country was founded on; to stand up for what you believe in and to stand for those who cannot. 

What about Boot Campaign’s mission is important to you? 

I value Boot Campaign’s commitment to giving back to a community that has sacrificed so much and its focus on wounds not seen by the naked eye.

How does the message YOU MATTER resonate and inspire you?

As a Veteran, there are a lot of things we endure when entering back into the civilian community. I feel today’s younger civilian population doesn’t truly know the sacrifices Veterans make so others can live a life of their choosing. 

I know for me, that is frustrating and brings me down from time to time. It’s great to be reminded that I MATTER and all that I and all my fellow Veterans did didn’t go unnoticed. My time in service wasn’t for nothing.

In the DFW area? Join us at the Third Annual PBR Challenger Series on Saturday, September 16, 2023 starting at 7:30pm.