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2021 Health & Wellness Program Impact Report


In 2021, our nation’s veterans and servicemen and women have had to endure many challenges – job loss, isolation and stress surrounding the everchanging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, extended and unexpected deployments, the aftermath of the Taliban seizing Kabul, Afghanistan followed by the suicide bombing that killed 13 members of the U.S. Armed Forces and 70 Afghan citizens, the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and more. 

As a result of those numerous factors and others, we as a nation are grappling with grim statistics. Statistics that show the number of post-9/11 veteran suicides is 4x the number of combat deaths. For our team, that stat cannot stand. 

In the wake of a year like no other, we were able to serve more veterans and their families through our comprehensive, Health & Wellness program than ever before. Veterans who struggle with lingering effects of service and symptomatic issues from various injuries sustained while voluntarily laced up to protect and defend our freedoms. One hundred and ninety two veterans and spouses of service members who overcame the stigma associated with seeking help but who are committed to putting in the work needed towards a better quality of life. Veterans like Mike who started his journey with us this fall sharing

“I struggle and I am in pain every day. I have days that are horrible and nights that are worse. I do my best, but I don’t want to suffer in my head and allow things to undo me. I want to feel value again.” 

We want veterans of any era, any branch to hear one thing, loud and clear from our team at Boot Campaign: YOU MATTER, your service and sacrifice matters and it will not be forgotten – not now, and not ever. 

That is why our team has remained fiercely devoted, providing over 13,326 hours of high-touch, individualized care in the last twelve months to veterans working to overcome brain injury, post traumatic stress, chronic pain, self-medication and insomnia. In fact, 89% of those we served in 2021 indicated more than one hidden wound of war. 

It is because of patriots and grateful Americans like you that we continue to make life-improving treatments, therapies and resources cost-free for any veteran. Veterans like Ron who shared, 

“I never have received such support and cutting edge treatment, as Boot Campaign is providing me. I am winning against my disability and the care they provide is second to none! The Boot Campaign staff, doctors and coaches are absolute dedicated life savers!”