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What YOU MATTER Means to You and Your Community


What does YOU MATTER mean to you? It’s a message Americans, especially the veteran community we serve, need to hear loud and clear. Our goal in creating the #YOUMATTER movement was to send a shockwave across the country with two simple words to help combat the stigma of seeking care for one’s mental health and remind anyone struggling with thoughts of suicide that their life has value. 

It’s no surprise that the message struck a chord with our followers, influencers and our partners – but most importantly – with those who needed to hear it. Since we launched our first YOU MATTER t-shirt in 2020, the movement has continued to grow and spread farther and wider than we ever imagined, fueling more support behind suicide prevention each year. 

Below are real stories and testimonials that have been shared with us over the last two years addressing how these simple, two words have made a difference in someone’s life or opened up important conversations. If you have a similar story of sharing YOU MATTER in your community, please share it with us at info@bootcampaign.org

“I can’t say enough about the God-send Boot Campaign has been in my life. It was your YOU MATTER initiative that first touched my heart and picked me up in a difficult time just enough to reach out to you in my struggle. Since then, you’ve given me both better medical care and more genuine support and kindness than I have ever experienced. Thank you so much, Boot Campaign!” – Anonymous Veteran, Health & Wellness Program Participant


“In honor of my son and former veteran who took his own life, 1 yr ago today, many of my family members wore YOU MATTER shirts, including his great grandmother at 100 yrs old.” – Anonymous Supporter


“On Fridays, I wear red. I try to wear this #YOUMATTER shirt every Friday. It’s a simple gesture, but I wear it in hopes it lets one veteran know they’re not alone.” – Tristan E.


“About 6 weeks ago, I saw a guy at my gym wearing this shirt. I was going through some stuff at the time and seeing this message somehow lifted my spirits a bit. The YOU MATTER campaign is aimed at suicide prevention, particularly among veterans, and ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. I bought the shirt myself and wear it regularly in the hopes that maybe seeing the message will give someone a well-timed boost, as it did for me.” – Scott O. 


If you have any stories or photos you’d like to share with us from wearing or sharing YOU MATTER, please send them to info@bootcampaign.org or share them with us on our social media channels @BootCampaign.