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Veteran Chance Showell Talks Warrior Weekend, YOU MATTER


Chance Showell is the picture of a dedicated American who would do anything for his brothers and sisters in arms. He knew he wanted his life to be a picture of service at the age of 17, which drove him to enlist in the U.S. Army with the goal of becoming a Combat Medic. 

After serving 9 years in the military, 31 years in law enforcement and through the founding of Warrior Shield Foundation (WSF) in 2017, Chance has made his adolescent vision of service his lifetime reality. 

“Warrior Shield Foundation started as a motorcycle club and has grown into who we are today. The main reason WSF exists is to help Veterans and first responders navigate the sea of nonprofits. We didn’t need to recreate the wheel. I envisioned WSF as a way for our nation’s warriors to connect with verified and validated nonprofits to provide any assistance they might need.”

One way Chance and his team at WSF raise support for these nonprofits is through a jam packed, three-day event in Orlando, Florida, called the Warrior Weekend & Hero Fest Concert. 

This year, Boot Campaign is honored to be selected as the event beneficiary for Warrior Weekend taking place on September 8-10. 

The event is sure to be full of fun and fellowship with other patriots, notable Veteran speakers along with music by RaeLynn, Ryan Weaver, Hello Sister and The Down Brothers. 

Beyond the big weekend, Chance leads the mission of WSF with the mindset of not giving handouts, but giving a hand up. 

“When I left the service and ventured into law enforcement, I was handed a DD214 and given a handshake. We had zero transition training, nothing to prepare us for what life was outside of service. I did not have a feeling that I mattered. Boot Campaign’s YOU MATTER movement is exactly the message every service member needs to feel.”

To learn more about Warrior Weekend or get your tickets to attend, visit WarriorShield.org