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Veterans Create Digital Fundraisers to Support Fellow Servicemen and Women


We are always so appreciative when patriots and veterans encourage their connections to give back to our mission at Boot Campaign through digital fundraising tools. It’s never been easier to create a fundraiser with all the resources made available on both Facebook and our fundraising platform

We connected with two veterans who recently hosted fundraisers on social media to help support those seeking care through our individualized programs. Here’s what they shared: 

As shared by Jason Howland, U.S. Air Force (retired): 

I picked Boot Campaign for my birthday fundraiser and also in September for Suicide Awareness because I believe in their mission wholeheartedly. There was nothing I wanted more this year than to help out our Nation’s Warriors with getting the mental health they deserve by eliminating the stigmas associated with treatment and providing world class care. 

As a twenty-year combat Civil Engineer, I am on my own journey of healing and I can say without a doubt that Boot Campaign’s Health and Wellness Program is amazing and provides positive results when the veteran puts in the work. 

I’m extremely honored to be a Boot Campaign Veteran Ambassador and will continue to support and assist their mission any way I can. To all the donors: thank you for lacing up. To all the veterans that are looking for help: You Matter. 

As shared by Cassie Cantin, U.S. Army (retired):

Setting up a fundraiser is so simple. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and boom. I’m not computer savvy at all and I was able to do it. As a veteran,  I want to make sure that my military family is able to receive all the help  that they can. And Boot Campaign does that.

If you’d like to create a digital fundraiser in advance of Veterans Day visit  our Boot Salute page here to get started!