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A Home for a Hero


Home. Sometimes we take it for granted. But when you’re raising three young kids in a dilapidated trailer, worrying for their health and safety, it’s always on your mind. For Daniel, finding stable, healthy housing was a top priority, but proved difficult while awaiting medical discharge from the Louisiana National Guard. He served our country faithfully, including a deployment to Iraq where he sustained a back injury, traumatic brain injury, and post traumatic stress. Today, Daniel is considered 80% disabled. Despite his challenges, he works tirelessly to support his family.

Together with our partners Military Warrior Support Foundation, Benchmark Mortgage, and the kind souls at Boots in the Bluegrass, we helped Daniel and his family escape their completely unfit living conditions. For now, they’re settled into an apartment more suited for a family that sacrificed so much for all of us, and soon they’ll move into a mortgage-free house they can live in and love forever. Their home.