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Partner Spotlight: Heart of Texas Propane


Not many companies today are run with heart. Deep purpose and genuine care can often be forgotten when it comes to efficiencies and bottom lines, but when an organization puts their heart and passions first, the rest simply falls into place. 

And that is the case for the team at Heart of Texas Propane and how they’ve approached their customers  across the Texas Hill Country for the last 20 years, and how they support Boot Campaign since first connecting at our annual Boots & Barrels Clay Shoot. 

CEO Mark Riley says it best, “There’s just something about being able to serve and give back to others.”

Continue reading as Mark shares his thoughts – and more so his heart – for our mission and the brave men and women we serve. 

My introduction to the Boot Campaign was an accident yet nothing short of a profound awakening. March 31, 2022, started as an ordinary day, as I accompanied my friend James Stewart to a clay shoot event in San Antonio, put on by Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC). Upon arriving, we quickly realized that BRCC was the title sponsor for Boot Campaign’s inaugural Boots & Barrels event. As the day unfolded, I found myself immersed in the stories and experiences of Veterans and their families. Their courage and sacrifices struck a chord deep within me, and from that moment, I knew that Heart of Texas Propane’s journey with the Boot Campaign was destined to be not only on an organizational level, but also on a personal one for me.

My connection to the military runs far deeper than a casual association; it’s ingrained in my community and my values. Within my family, I have heard brave firsthand accounts of those who have served in every branch of the military, every role – from Infantrymen and Special Ops to the Alaskan Air Command and a B-17 tail-gunner –spanning many theaters of war from WWI to the Global War on Terrorism. 

My heart swells with admiration for my nephew, a former Green Beret, Cody Bahlman, who is of the September 11th generation of warriors that fought against terrorism abroad. My uncle, Cecil “Tex” Moore, fought valiantly in bombing campaigns softening enemy lines along the beaches of Normandy. Their bravery cannot overshadow countless others, like Foy Askins, who in the first wave, stormed Omaha Beach that fateful 6th day in June 1944. Foy was twice wounded, and ultimately survived horrible conditions and an infestation of lice and fleas from being a prisoner of war. Overcoming unimaginable hardships, like what Foy experienced, exemplifies the truest sense of patriotism and selflessness. The memories of these courageous individuals fuel my unwavering and nonnegotiable commitment to living a life worthy of their sacrifices. 

At Heart of Texas Propane, we recognize the responsibility we bear in serving the counties and communities where Veterans have found their homes. The #LiveLacedUp initiative embodies the very essence of who we are—a team of individuals striving to make a positive difference in our own communities and beyond. By joining forces with Boot Campaign, we become part of a powerful force for good, one that believes in excellence and giving back. I’m not aware of another non-profit that can dedicate 91% of funds raised to their cause – Boot Campaign does so for Veterans’ individualized treatment and family support.

The #YOUMATTER movement is especially important. It’s a poignant reminder of the battles that continue to be fought within the hearts and minds of our Veterans. In March 2022, I distinctly recall a stark wake up call when I learned of a haunting statistic about the number of Veteran suicides that occur each day. I can’t help but envision the faces of those brave men and women who, after sacrificing so much, are still fighting silent battles. As grateful Americans, we cannot turn a blind eye to this pressing mental health crisis. Instead, we must lean hard into it, providing unwavering support and spreading the vital message of #YOUMATTER.

Every day, I wake up with a sense of duty, knowing that my purpose as the CEO of Heart of Texas Propane extends beyond the bottom line. It’s about making a meaningful impact on the lives of those who have given so much for our country. When I stand alongside the Boot Campaign, it’s not just as a partner; it’s as a kindred spirit, united in our devotion to supporting Veterans and their families.

Thank you to Mark Riley and the entire team at Heart of Texas Propane! To meet Mark and his team, be sure to join us at the 2024 Boots & Barrels Clay Shoot in San Antonio, Texas on March 8 at the National Shooting Complex!