Some of the best inventions come from unlikely sources. As an organization founded by five, civilian women with no direct ties to the military, we get it! However, no matter how we came about, we could instantly tell that our mission, message and efforts were aligned with the needs of our nation’s Veterans and the desire of grateful Americans to do something to support them. 

The same unlikely story occurred with our friends at Sticker Mule, an online printing resource for custom stickers & decals, labels, and more. Founders Anthony Constantino and his 70-year old family friend – who had never used a computer before – banded together to create Sticker Mule 10 years ago. With no fancy degrees or experience in the industry, their business took off and they haven’t looked back since. 

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Sticker Mule on a multitude of projects. We recently asked them what about working with organizations like Boot Campaign is so important to them, and this is what they shared: 

Why is supporting the Veteran and military community important to Sticker Mule? 

Veterans and Military are the foundation of America, and as a company we love supporting various organizations and missions through printed products. Our military program​ is a nod to the amazing work that Veterans and military do, and one small way we can show support.

What about Boot Campaign’s mission is important to your team? 

Serving those who have dedicated their lives to service is a cause we are proud to support. Programs like these are an essential step to increasing awareness around health and wellbeing, and we support Boot Campaign in their efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Veterans and their families.

What does the YOU MATTER message mean to your team at Sticker Mule? 

The “YOU MATTER” message holds deep significance. We understand the need to break the stigma surrounding mental health care; it reminds us that every individual’s well-being matters, both within our team and in the broader community. Seeking help for one’s mental health is an act of courage and strength, and it’s essential that Veterans, military and everyone else knows how much they truly matter.