Family comes first is a value many of us as Americans take to heart. In the military, fellow servicemembers become brothers and sisters, and their support and protection of one another is of utmost importance.

Family also comes first for the team at Garrison Brothers. Owners of the renowned whiskey distillery in Hye, Texas, brothers Charlie and Dan Garrison with his wife Nancy have taken the month of September to raise a toast to those we serve at Boot Campaign.

We wanted to share a bit more about the family and why our mission and messages resonate so much with them. Read on for their thoughts! 

What does patriotism mean to you? 

“Growing up my father, a Veteran, would often say God, family, country, which is more important today than it was 50 years ago. Being a patriot today means fighting to defend the principles that created the country that gave me the opportunity to envision and build an incredible dream. Today’s patriots still defend our country from foreign threats but they also defend it from those that take the freedoms that were given to them by prior patriots for granted and are willing to risk them chasing new ideologies.” – Charlie Garrison

“Believing that your country can and will do good.” – Dan Garrison 

What does it mean to you to #LiveLacedUp? 

“Actors, musicians, athletes and influencers are the role models of the day but those who serve(d) are the best of us. They served to create a better world for people they will never meet. For those who come home they should be the leaders we follow. The role models we aspire for our children to become. For those who don’t come home, we should understand that we lost one of our best and that their family lost a child who selflessly gave his or her life for us. There is nothing that could be more important and appreciated than that.” – Charlie Garrison

“Do good in the world. It’s part of our responsibility to mankind.” – Dan Garrison

What about Boot Campaign’s mission is important to your team? 

“Though I never served, I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by Veterans most of my life. I have seen the dignity in these men and women and been flattered to be working side by side with them. They want our respect, appreciation and support. They have earned it.” – Charlie Garrison

“Boot Campaign’s mission is important for all of us to remember because mental and physical health is critically important, but a special focus on our Veterans is important because they face challenges that many of us can’t even imagine.” – Nancy Garrison

Why is supporting the Veteran and military community important to Garrison Brothers? 

“My brother and I grew up under the watch of a Veteran and our company was built by the minds and backs of Veterans.” – Charlie Garrison

“Many of our families have served. Those of us who did not want to show our appreciation.” – Dan Garrison

“At Garrison Brothers, we have many Veterans who are part of our team, but all of us at Garrison Brothers cherish the values that our Veterans hold true and strive to honor those values in everything we do.” – Nancy Garrison

Garrison Brothers is hosting the Hye Fashion Takeover during the month of September. At participating restaurants and bars, if you are 21 years of age or older, enjoy a Garrison Brothers Old Fashioned, post a picture on Instagram or Facebook and use #hyefashioned. Garrison Brothers will then make a donation to Boot Campaign for each post. For more information visit hyefashioned.com