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Backyard Makeover Refreshes Family


There’s no greater loss than the loss of a child. When it’s completely unexpected, and a family has already faced many challenges, the toll is unimaginable.  The Stovall family knows this pain very well. And while there’s no way to have a happy ending to a story marked with that kind of tragedy, there can be a ray of hope.

Major Jerome Stovall retired from the military after 22 years of service to his country. He and his wife Dora settled in Texas, ready to focus on their young family. Immediately after moving into their new home, their 3-year-old son Zy’Air drowned in their backyard pool. Understandably, they have struggled for the last three years and have not been able to enjoy spending time outside. This summer, the Stovalls were one of five families chosen to receive a “Backyard Refresh,” a brand new initiative from Boot Campaign and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. A completely renovated backyard, it turns out, was just what the Stovalls needed to find peace in their outdoor space.

Contractors and community members rallied around the Stovalls, spending days creating a backyard the family could enjoy. The crew repaired issues with the pool and existing perimeter fencing, added beautiful new landscaping, installed an outdoor cooking area, and most importantly, added security fencing around the pool for additional safety. The results were priceless:

“The backyard looks amazing…but the best part is that I now have a new vision of the backyard with my family IN THE POOL SMILING. We had not gotten in the pool since the day of our loss, so that itself was huge for us. It has been like healing hands over our brokenness, a paradise where we could only see destruction, and we have regained the ability to enjoy our backyard as a family. I know Zy’Air is in the heavens smiling and dancing to see us outside again.” ~Dora Stovall

We’re so thankful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing experience and can’t thank Mike’s Hard Lemonade enough for making it possible. We wish the Stovall family many years of happiness in their new backyard!