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2023 Seasons Of Service Program (formerly Santa Boots) Impact Report


Our holiday Program just keeps getting bigger, better and more impactful each year! Now in its ninth year, we are excited to share that we were able to serve more Veteran and military families than ever before – a total of 162 families from coast to coast! 

Of those supported during this Christmas season, many were facing terminal illness diagnoses, the unexpected loss of family members, financial woes, long deployments and so many other hardships. 

From the time we receive the families’ information, start purchasing their needs and wishes, to the moment our volunteers hand wrapped and packed up their gifts in a Boot Campaign stickered box, both tears and smiles were shared amongst all who poured out effort and energy to ensure that our appreciation for them was felt. Our Programs’ goals – to alleviate financial burden, reduce stress in the household, bring joy and bring the community together – were met and we are thrilled to share the impact and testimonials from this year. 

“This special gift box brought us a joyful moment that we didn’t realize has been missing this holiday season. Over the last 3+ years we have been on this TBI journey that has had so many ups and downs and has been exhausting to try and sum it up in one word. This generous act has already brought us so much joy and we haven’t even opened the gifts themselves. It is so much more to be included in this. To feel important, not forgotten is a gift in itself. I cannot say ‘thank you’ enough.”

“We are blown away by Boot Campaign! We have been blessed beyond measure! A delivery was dropped at our door yesterday and the looks on our girls’ faces were priceless! This is SO much more than we could have pulled off this Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This feels humbling & surreal!”

“Christmas was going to be here whether I was ready or not, and my kids would have been ‘ok’ without a bunch of presents to open because they’re just the best kids. But, they really deserve to open great gifts this Christmas morning after all they’ve been through. This is just so wonderful and we can’t thank you guys enough for this gift.”

“Today we received boxes full of gifts from Boot Campaign and we were absolutely floored. We did not expect to receive all of your kindness and generosity and feel very grateful.” 

“Boot Campaign has absolutely made this a Christmas we will never forget. Thanks again to you and your team for everything you’ve done to make this a magical and memorable holiday season.”

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you. It has been overwhelming the past few months and this has lifted a substantial burden off of our shoulders. I cannot wait to experience the excitement from my kids on Christmas Day.

“The overwhelming emotion that you brought to me and my family made this Christmas extra special. As we sat there and opened gifts and saw the look on everyone’s face and how happy the kids were; it was a special moment and one that will be remembered forever. We are still in disbelief that we received such a blessing, and we love and are grateful for all of our gifts.”

We are so grateful to the 400+ volunteers who gave of their time and talent to support the team at Boot Campaign who execute this program and our corporate and community partners who help make it happen so that those who lace(d) up their boots to protect and defend our freedoms and are facing a challenging time know two words this special season: YOU MATTER.

Sponsors: The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, Controls, Service & Engineering Co., Equinix, Invited, JB Mechanical, LevelYoga, Eastham Drilling, Kahn Mechanical Contractors, NXG Services, Raft, R.E. Cupp Construction

Venue Sponsor: Grit Productions & Expositions, Foster + Fathom 

In-Kind Donors: Allegiance Flag Supply, Black Rifle Coffee Company, Cavenders, CubeSmart, CAM Integrated, The Lumistella Company (Elf on the Shelf), FLEO, Soledier Socks, Sportsmens Club of Fort Worth, Supply Side, Wiley X, Nothing Bundt Cakes

Hospitality Sponsors: Buffalo Brothers, Hooters, Meat U Anywhere BBQ, Live to Give, Tommy Tamale, Mesa Grapevine, Raised in a Southern Kitchen

*Santa Boots was rebranded to Seasons of Service Program in 2024.