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We Won’t Give Up


This year has been challenging — there’s no doubt; for Boot Campaign specifically, all of our in-person events for 2020 have been cancelled; fundraising is harder than ever and those we serve need our help more than they have before. Just like the veteran expressed in the above testimonial, we won’t and don’t give up providing treatment for the diverse health challenges our veteran and military families face. 

An 11-year Marine Corps veteran who deployed four times in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, shared the following after his treatment through Boot Campaign’s Health and Wellness program during COVID-19:

“There is no way to express my gratitude. This experience has profoundly changed my quality of life. I never thought any of this was possible. I was too hurt, too ignorant and too stubborn to believe I could get back on track to being operational. The Boot Campaign has without a doubt put me on a new trajectory in life. My wife and 3 daughters have a much better husband and father thanks to everything made possible through this experience. Thank you all, so very much.”

During these uncertain times, Boot Campaign is focused on uniting Americans, encouraging positivity and support for those who serve. We have some exciting virtual happenings coming this fall! In the meantime, we’d love for you to continue our mission in any or all of the following ways:

For your support, we are forever grateful. 

Laced up and ready,