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To Protect and Serve


As a member of the National Guard, Edward has deployed to Iraq, the Caribbean, and Central America, and will be preparing for a deployment sometime this year. The father of two young kids has served our country for the past 10 years, and plans to continue his public service career with a degree in Criminal Justice. Faced with his last class and a tuition bill he couldn’t pay, Edward turned to Boot Campaign to help him cross the finish line to graduation. We were honored to help Edward achieve his academic goals, and now he’s on track to graduate in May. Congratulations, Edward!

I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and myself – thank you. Thank you for giving me a hand up. I was able to take care of my education debt, and I will now be able to graduate with my class in MAY. Thank you and GOD BLESS for what all you do for the TROOPS! ~Edward