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Boot Campaign presents…. #IAMBOOTCAMPAIGN


I AM BOOT CAMPAIGN— a short four word statement that carries with it a tremendous amount of meaning that is different for each person.

How are YOU the Boot Campaign?

Let’s take a step back for a moment to look at what the Boot Campaign is: a 501c3 national nonprofit dedicated to showing tangible appreciation for our active military, raising awareness of the challenges they face upon return and supporting their transition home.

The Boot Campaign Cultivates Awareness, Promotes Patriotism and Provides Assistance.

The Boot Campaign is about people realizing and appreciating the value of their freedom. That’s YOU! Yes, you are The Boot Campaign. In fact, YOU are helping us lead this movement right now. So, here’s what we want to find out from you…HOW ARE YOU THE BOOT CAMPAIGN? Share with us your I AM BOOT CAMPAIGN story, as we share ours with you.

I AM BOOT CAMPAIGN blog will encompass a variety of subjects with features written by Boot Girls, Boot Campaign Staff and Guest Bloggers. Several days a week you will discover how Americans just like you are expressing their inner “I AM BOOT CAMPAIGN” selves as they travel across the U.S. with their Boots ON for celebrity boot shoots, events, and assistance programs!

We are so excited to share this blog adventure with you!