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A New Beginning


You can always count on Mom to keep the family moving forward and focused on the positive things in life. And when Mom’s a former Marine, the can-do attitude is even stronger. Marine veteran Christine has faced adversity before, but the recent separation from her husband left her and her two daughters homeless and unsure what to do next. Fortunately, the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program came through with a voucher for Christine and her girls, allowing them to finally locate a safe apartment and some peace of mind. Unfortunately, the trio had absolutely no furniture for their new place, making the transition anything but seamless. Christine reached out to Boot Campaign to fill the gap in assistance she needed to establish a home for her family and get back on the right track. It’s never easy for mothers to admit they need a helping hand, but the safety and comfort of her daughters was more important than her pride. With a grant from Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund, Christine purchased beds, a refrigerator and a couch for their apartment, and began their new life as a family of three. We wish them all the best, and we know they’re going to be just fine.