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Celebrities Join #BootsOn Initiative



Celebrities including Holly Madison (Girls Next Door), Chris Soules (The Bachelor), Randy Couture (MAA Hall of Fame Fighter/actor), Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmire), Maria Canals-Barrera (Cristela), Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds), Witney Carson (Dancing with the Stars) and Bruce Boxleitner (Cedar Cove) have come together for a special patriotic photo campaign to honor the USA’s Independence Day and to help Boot Campaign launch its new #BootsOn initiative.

The complete celebrity catalog can be seen at https://www.bootcampaign.com/boot-shoots-category/celebrities and was created to show gratitude for the 1.4 million active duty troops protecting our freedom every day. Boot Campaign is a national nonprofit that promotes patriotism, raises awareness of military issues and provides vital assistance for our nation’s heroes and their families.

Photographed in Los Angeles, the celebrity “boot shoots” were snapped by industry photographers including Home and Family host Mark Steines, Jeremy Lee, Kristina Bant Jenkins and Boot Campaign’s Erik Gloege. Each photographer contributed photos of celebrities wearing official U.S. military combat boots to show their national pride and celebrate America’s birthday. Combat-wounded veterans Joey Jones and Marcus Burleson were on-hand for the session, providing patriotic inspiration with their stories of sacrifice and triumph.

Other celebrities participating in #Bootson include Phillip Keene (TNT’s Major Crimes), Michael Harney (Orange is the New Black), Josh Wolf (Chelsea Lately), John DeLuca (Teen Beach Movie 2), Tim Kang (The Mentalist), Stacey Dash (actress, Fox News contributor), Mindy Robinson (TBS’s King of the Nerds), Cory Oliver (Beverly Hills Paws), Ethan Embry (Grace & Frankie), Dominic Pace (Desperate Housewives, NCIS), Crystal Hefner (model/DJ), Omar Hansen (Sangre Negra), Danny Arroyo (Sangre Negra), Travis Aaron Wade (Supernatural), Todd Williams (San Andreas) and the band The Ceremonies. Video footage can be found at https://player.vimeo.com/video/130791061.

To-date, more than 400 celebrities, artists and athletes have “gotten their boots on” including Dwayne Johnson, Dean Cain, Dolly Parton, Florida Georgia Line, Jim Caviezel, Cheap Trick, Luke Bryan, Corey Hart, Troy Aikman, Lyle Lovett and the cast of Sons of Anarchy, helping raise more than $6 million dollars to support Boot Campaign direct assistance programs and promote patriotism.

Quotes from Celebrity Supporters

“Shooting Boot Campaign’s #BootsOn was a true honor. My father was in the Army and a patriotic. In celebration of America’s Birthday – I hope these images inspire the patriotic in all of us,” says Mark Steines.

“Say thank you, get your #BootsOn,” says Holly Madison.

“1% protects the 99% and they’ve been carrying the load for a long time. Get your #BootsOn and help carry that load,” says Lou Diamond Phillips.

“Get your boots on America and show your support for the men and women in our armed forces putting it on the line for the American way life! They need all of our help now,” says Randy Couture.

“I wear the boots because I support all the brave & thoughtful work that our service women and men provide,” says Kirsten Vangsness.

“I’m so honored to be a part of the Get Your #BootsOn campaign. Show your love & support America! Join in, and get your boots on,” says Witney Carson.

“#BootsOn America! Show your love of God and country. Support our troops,” says Stacey Dash.

“I support our troops and salute them for their heroic and courageous devotion to our country. They put their lives at risk every day to keep us safe. Patriotism is alive and well,” says Bruce Boxleitner.

“They took a bullet for you. Get your boots on for them,” says Michael Harney.

“The depth of sacrifice made by the men, women and families of our armed services is incomprehensible. They are rare and extraordinary people. I am truly grateful,” says Ethan Embry.

“As a proud American, I wear my combat boots to express my gratitude for the enormous sacrifices our military go through for ALL of us. And don’t they look cute, too?” says Maria Canals-Barrera.

“It’s an honor for me, to support our men and women in uniform, who put themselves in harm’s way every day,” says Tim Kang.

“Our troops support us overseas in their boots, and we can show them our support for them at home in ours,” says Mindy Robinson.

“It’s not until we become aware of the level of sacrifice that these men and women make while they serve, that we realize how important support is when they get home. One way that’s being done is through this wonderful organization. Get Your Boots On,” says Todd Williams.

“Put your boots on, we’ve got work to do,” says Phillip Keene.

“There are countless reasons to get your ‘Boots on’ America, but the main one that comes to my mind is the bible verse John 15:13, ‘Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends,” says Cory Oliver.

“America, for all of those who have not served, it’s now your opportunity to serve those who have. Get your #BootsOn America,” says Travis Aaron Wade.

“It was an honor to shoot for Boot Campaign! It’s such a special organization because it’s for our veterans – and they deserve all the support in the world. The work they’re doing is really amazing and I encourage everyone to check it out and show your support,” says John DeLuca.

“I am proud to have been asked to be a part of #BootsOn to help raise awareness and promote patriotism for America and our military community. I put my full 100% support behind this wonderful cause. Tell everyone to come and get your #BootsOn,” says Danny Arroyo.

“My grandfather, William Tagliaferri, was a proud American and a member of the 4th Infantry who risked his life along with thousands of other American soldiers fighting for our freedom. I do it for him,” says Dominic Pace.

“America should get their boots on because they represent a respect for all the heroes in our military service that have fought courageously for our freedom,” says The Ceremonies, Atom Factory Records.

“Keep your head high and be proud,” says Omar Hansen.


**Images and B-roll may be used courtesy of Boot Campaign.