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Valor Services Joins BC Partner Network


Making the choice to leave military service is a hard one for many veterans. Some have served for many years and are ready for a change of pace and to set down roots for their family. Others have encountered medical challenges that necessitated an earlier discharge than planned. They served in a wide variety of roles that don’t always have a civilian counterpart, but, regardless of their title or the branch in which they served, they leave the military with solid skill sets, world class training, flexibility, dedication, a willingness to learn, and a genuine heart. This year, Boot Campaign began a partnership with Valor Services to support our nation’s veterans returning to the workplace. With just under six percent of unemployed Americans also classified as veterans, it’s time to buckle down and get our heroes back to work.


We knew Valor Services would fit right into the Boot Campaign family, but when we read their mission statement, it was plain as day: “To empower our nation’s veterans to build upon their experiences and amazing accomplishments in the military to successfully transition into the next chapters of their lives. Successfully engage, screen, recruit, train/ coach/ mentor, and place military veterans into rewarding careers in the private sector.” They have an entire division dedicated to strategically, thoughtfully connecting veterans with corporations where both can achieve the greatest success. Committed to caring for men and women from every rank and tenure, Valor Services’ recruiting programs place veterans in the executive, high-function professional realm from operational and team supervisors to reliable and motivated high-skill/technical labor roles, even guiding future tradesmen through their vocational-technical training program to give them the best start. At the helm of the division is a 10-year Army veteran who understands the intricacies of returning to the civilian world.


Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund (MRF) is honored to say “yes” when other groups say “no.” And helping veterans further their careers is an easy “yes” for us! Through the career and education division of MRF, veterans can cover expenses that might otherwise prohibit them from getting the job they need and financial security they deserve. Training and certification, travel expenses while interviewing, and relocation costs can cripple a family’s finances and potentially prohibit accepting an otherwise perfect job. We never want that to happen, and our partnership with Valor Services keeps more career-minded veterans on the road to success.


As with any rock star collaboration, Boot Campaign and Valor Services have big plans to help both of our organizations continue to do good work for the veteran community. By joining forces, we can offer even more options to military families in need, whether working with Valor Services for job assistance or working with Boot Campaign for financial help. When we identify opportunities to cross paths, the foundation is there and great things can happen. To say we’re excited about teaming up with Valor Services would be an understatement – we can’t wait to change even more lives together.



About Valor Services

Valor defines itself by the extraordinary dedication, precision, and focus with which we deliver elite professional services.  Valor leverages a fusion of military leadership and organizational expertise with a suite of top-tier professional services to deliver talent acquisition, workforce, and organizational development solutions.

Our Founder and CEO is a former Army Infantry Captain (Ranger, Bronze Star Recipient) and War on Terror Veteran.   He’s built a team that thrives on success and is well equipped with a wide array of subject matter expertise.  Our dynamic team functions as a strategic partner to our clients, a dedicated resource that provides premier and customized solutions based on each client’s specific needs.

Valor’s unique incorporation of the best aspects of military culture into private sector capabilities arms it with a powerful platform with which to passionately champion military veteran transition and post-military career advancement. Visit ValorServices.com to learn more.