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Restoring Joy


Corporations downsize all the time – when the economy weakens, businesses make cuts to preserve the bottom line, and employees often pay the price. It’s less common and rarely discussed, but our nation’s armed forces suffer layoffs as well, and families affected by the reduction are often left struggling. Christopher was discharged from the Air Force after nine years of service, part of the reduction of force that ended the military careers of nearly 20,000 airmen. The news came the same day his youngest daughter was born, a day that should have been pure joy but was instead rocked with uncertainty. Several months later, Christopher and his wife Courtenay were challenged yet again: their baby girl had torticollis, a condition that develops in-utero and causes tilting of the head and difficulty twisting the neck. For Christopher and Courtenay’s daughter, the condition lead to a flat spot on her head that now requires an infant helmet to correct. With a price tag of $1,800 and no medical insurance to pitch in, finding the money to buy the helmet seemed impossible.

Christopher and Courtenay refused to give up on helping their daughter live a happy, healthy life, and reached out to Boot Campaign for help. Through our Military Recovery Fund, we provided a grant that covered the cost of the helmet, plus funds for physical therapy their baby needs to strengthen her neck. We’re honored to lend a hand to this hardworking veteran and his family and can’t wait to see the progress their daughter will make very soon. Just look at that face!