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Paying it forward


For Marcus H., life doesn’t stop when the going gets tough – it just gets better in different ways. The medically retired Army sergeant fought through two tours overseas, spanning more than eight years of service, before encountering an IED that caused serious head trauma and the amputation of his left leg above the knee. Many surgeries and a lengthy recovery period followed, but through hard work and intense determination, Marcus now walks with a prosthetic leg. He credits the outstanding physical therapy staff at Walter Reed Medical Center for giving him a second chance at life on two legs, and has since enrolled in school to obtain an associate’s degree in physical therapy. He’d like to one day provide the same hope and care to other recovering service members that he received during his rehabilitation. 

Which brings us to the exciting part – last June, Marcus received word that he was accepted into the prestigious and highly selective clinical internship program at the very place he was motivated to recover and rebuild his physical abilities: Walter Reed Medical Center. The training lasts nine weeks and takes place at the center in Bethesda, Maryland. Marcus and his young family currently live in Florida, and in order to take advantage of this selective opportunity, they would need to relocate to Maryland for that short time. Rather than risk missing out on the chance of a lifetime, Marcus approached the Boot Campaign for help covering the expenses of temporary housing near Walter Reed. Of course, we said YES!

With a grant from our Military Recovery Fund, Marcus, his wife and two-year-old daughter will be able to head up to Bethesda for the clinical internship that will complete Marcus’s degree. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to give back to another deserving veteran and wish Marcus the very best of luck in his new career. 

“As a wounded veteran who spent two years at Walter Reed Medical Center, it’s a privilege to be able to return two months out from graduation as a physical therapist assistant and be able to give back to other veterans. Boot Campaign took a big load off my family and I. Thank you again.” -Marcus