Approximately 11 to 23% of deployed men and women experience traumatic brain injury (TBI), one of the invisible wounds that have become a signature of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict.

Often occurring concurrently with PTSD, depression, chronic pain and self-medication, TBI symptoms are complicated. However new advances in brain health research are producing evidence-based solutions for reclaiming health.

That’s why Boot Campaign’s health and wellness program is proud to announce a new partnership with Marcus Institute for Brain Health at UC Denver Anschutz Medical Campus (MIBH). As an official partner, Marcus Institute for Brain Health’s leading-edge care for traumatic brain injury is now available to participants in Boot Campaign’s health and wellness pipeline. The institute’s treatment approach addresses physical, emotional and cognitive challenges that may accompany an individual’s TBI.

“Partnering with MIBH is a huge win for Boot Campaign,” said Shelly Kirkland, Boot Campaign CEO. “We are excited to be working with a resource-focused facility that is committed to addressing the root causes of TBI symptoms from a multi-directional approach. We will also be collaborating with MIBH to collect de-identified feedback and research findings to validate the protocols and improve future care.”

Two new Boot Campaign health and wellness participants kick-started their journey back to health at Marcus Institute for Brain Health this week. Four past participants who completed treatment at Marcus have successfully transitioned into programs with another Boot Campaign partner Virginia High Performance. The Virginia Beach training facility provides an intense physical, nutrition and sleep reboot for the body.

“Boot Campaign’s health and wellness program places the well-being of military veterans at the center of its work,” said Dr. James Kelly, MD, Executive Director MIBH. “MIBH is committed to the success of veterans post-service and are humbled to be among the few programs selected by the Boot Campaign to serve those who have served in the defense of our nation.”   

Boot Campaign’s health and wellness pipeline seeks to provide holistic treatment – mind and body – for recovery from invisible wounds of war. Other partners in this endeavor include Centerstone, Cooper Aerobics, Cortex Initiative, UT Dallas, UT Southwestern and the aforementioned Virginia High Performance. Plans to expand resources for military spouses and families through new partnerships are underway.

If you are interested in learning about the application process for Boot Campaign’s health and wellness program, please click here. Learn more here.

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