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Meet Kenzie Hall of Brat Pack 11!


Boot Campaign is so proud to introduce you to Kenzie Hall! Kenzie Hall is the Program Founder of Boot Campaign‘s latest adventure… Brat Pack 11!

BRAT PACK 11 is a program administered by the Boot Campaign to show Honor & Gratitude to our nation’s youngest #BOOTS on the ground. Brat Pack 11 is dedicated to supporting the children of military heroes nationwide by providing them with unforgettable experiences and connecting them with a network for continued support throughout their childhood!

We know that the hole left by the loss of a parent who served in the military, or the loneliness felt by a child whose parent is overseas, can never be truly filled, but the Boot Campaign hopes to provide a temporary respite in the form of an unforgettable experience in which the child has an interest while also connecting program participants with organizations that can provide continued support to them throughout their childhood. Learn more about Brat Pack 11 at: http://bratpack11.com/

Want to know more about Kenzie and WHY she started Brat Pack 11? Watch this video: BratPack11