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Lone Survivor Director – Peter Berg


Our Celebrity Supporter of the week is…. the Director of Lone Survivor, Mr. Peter Berg!

This past weekend Lone Survivor SMASHED the competition by raking in an estimated $38.5 million in the box office!

The story of Marcus Luttrell and the men of Operation Red Wings was a story that Peter Berg was dying to tell. Did you know that Berg only agreed to make Battleship in order to get Universal to distribute Lone Survivor? Did you know that he wanted the movie to be authentic so he used the de-classified autopsy reports to get the number of wounds that Mike Murphy, Danny Dietz, and Matt Axelson suffered exactly right? Did you know that he spent 4+ years trying to get this movie made? Did you know that Berg asked the actors to spend as much time as they could with the family members of the SEALs they were playing – so they could play the parts as true as possible?

Peter Berg put a lot of thought and hard work into getting this movie made and we must admit…. it’s one of the BEST we’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen yet…. what are you waiting for?

Huge THANKS go out to Peter Berg for getting his Boot Campaign BOOTS on and showing his support for Marcus Luttrell and the men and women of our military. A military that he can’t THANK enough.