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Keeping the Faith


Sometimes it can seem like you can’t win for losing. For Army veteran BreAnn, good choices were met with road blocks time after time. While serving her country, she endured sexual and physical assault no one should ever face, followed by a stunning lack of support from her superiors.  Today, she lives with PTSD and an on-going struggle with the Department of Veterans Affairs to receive appropriate benefits and treatment. It’s been a nightmare to say the least. 

When her youngest son was born five years ago, BreAnn decided to stay home and care for him full time, putting her dreams of earning a college degree on hold. After he was diagnosed with severe autism, she knew her plans would have to wait even longer. Life threw her a few more curveballs after that, and today BreAnn is a single mother working nights so her days are free for her son. The intensive therapy he needs to progress and meet milestones is far more than she can afford, but without it, his chances at speech and age-level development are slim. Despite the hurdles, BreAnn is optimistic and focusing on their future. 

Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund provided a grant that will allow BreAnn’s son to attend the therapy program he needs to grow and thrive, and will also cover living expenses while she finishes school. She plans to earn an advanced degree in psychology and would like to help other veterans receive counseling without the stigma of seeking treatment. We’re so glad to give back a little bit for all BreAnn sacrificed for our country and can’t wait to see her dreams come true.

“I can’t put into words the amount of thanks or peace of mind I now have. How can you thank anyone enough for giving your child the possibility of speech? Or being able to progress to his age and developmental stage?! I can’t, it literally saved us in so many ways.”