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Head of the class


After serving honorably in the Marines and deploying to Afghanistan, Zach returned home and reintegrated into the civilian community. Currently living with his wife and two kids in Tennessee, he’s pursuing his degree while working full time to meet the needs of his family. Zach is transitioning from the Post 9/11 GI Bill to the VOC rehab program and was recently informed there was a lapse in eligibility. That means his benefits have stopped and he can’t pay his tuition. Ineligible for financial aid through the university, Zach would be unable to continue his education until the issue is resolved, and given the current lag in processing time for government benefits, there was no clear resolution to the problem.

The Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund is perfect for situations like Zach’s. Many people assume veterans are fully covered through government programs like the GI Bill, but the reality is there are times when the money just isn’t there. We provided Zach with an Education Assistance grant that allowed him to continue classes and keep working toward his dream. It was an A+ day for all of us.