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Georgetown Chief of Police makes big announcement!


Two Texas Chiefs are sporting some new footwear this week for our new series Heroes Honoring Heroes! Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero and Georgetown Fire Department Chief John Sullivan are showcasing Boot Campaign “give back” combat boots with their uniforms. Talk about a conversation starter! By lacing up combat boots they are expressing their patriotism and gratitude for those who serve in our military, past and present, and their families. Being so close to Fort Hood, they want our brave defenders to know that we are here for them.

“Getting involved with the Boot Campaign was a simple decision to make. Boot Campaign is a simple and powerful way to draw attention to a most worthy cause, it is managed by energetic and passionate people who believe in that cause, and it serves people who are genuinely deserving, ” said Police Chief Wayne Nero of the Georgetown Police Department. “The men and women of our armed forces are the best in the world, period. They serve because they are selfless and they do a necessary job that is not for everyone. They willingly endure hardship. They make sacrifices few would understand. They give more than they will ever receive in return. They do these things because that is what those before them have done. They endure because they believe in the freedom and hope our country provides. Remembering them, honoring them, and supporting them is quite simply the right thing to do.”

Having personally met Police Chief Wayne Nero, a former U.S. Marine, and spending time getting to know him – it was NO surprise when he informed me that he has authorized that the 11th day of every month to be “get your BOOTS ON” day in Georgetown! His entire force will be allowed to wear Boot Campaign combat boots with their uniforms. That gesture right there – to me is the true definition of a Leader and not just a Boss. We can’t wait to see the entire town in BOOTS giving back to those who have sacrificed so much for us and who live in our very community.

Stay tuned… more exciting news coming from the Georgetown Fire Department this week!