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Generations of home


After 21 years serving his country, Army veteran John retired to Texas with his wife and two kids. After completing three tours in Korea, Kosovo and Iraq, he’s considered 80% disabled and is unable to work outside the home. Thankfully for John, his wife Tammy is by his side every day, making sure he has what he needs and their family is on solid ground. This also means Tammy can’t work outside the home either, and the family is now completely reliant on John’s military retirement and VA benefits. While his income is enough for them to live modestly, VA benefits are painfully slow to kick in and John found himself falling behind on their mortgage payments. With his daughter set to deliver their first grandchild this year, the budget is growing increasingly tight. Though John admits it was difficult, he and Tammy reached out to the Boot Campaign to keep their heads above water and bring their mortgage current. “This is very hard to ask for help, but I am desperate,” he shared.

With a grant from the Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund, John and Tammy were able to cover their mortgage and other expenses until his VA benefits begin later this month. We’re so thankful for this family’s service and for the grateful Americans whose donations made this grant possible. God bless America.