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Ed Hoffman’s Wholesale Capital Corporation Event Raises over $70,000 for Boot Campaign


Thanks to the inspiration and support of our friend Ed Hoffman, president of mortgage lender Wholesale Capital Corporation in Moreno Valley, Calif., $70,452 was raised at the company’s first Pushups for Charity event on July 25! Hoffman and his staff worked tirelessly this summer to raise donations from all over southern California, and to recruit hundreds of participants to do pushups honoring our deserving U.S. Military servicepersons, veterans and their families.

According to Hoffman, it was more successful than even he expected. “I’m overwhelmed with the turnout and support we received for our first Boot Campaign pushups event,” he said. “We’ll be making it an annual effort to raise money for our veterans who have paid such a huge price for our freedom.”

The event also included a live broadcast of Hoffman’s local radio program “The Main Event,” which airs on AM 590 Saturday mornings at 9:30 in southern California. You can listen live on www.am590TheAnswer.com or get past shows in podcast format on iTunes.

Hoffman shared that when he registered to host a Pushups for Charity event, his hope was for the families in attendance to use the day as a conversation starter on patriotism, civic involvement and service. “It gives us all an opportunity to talk openly with our kids about what it means to be American and who we have to thank for that,” Hoffman explained. “Now that it isn’t discussed as often in schools, this is the responsibility of all of us as parents.”

Locally, the officials in attendance took notice as well. Moreno Valley city councilwoman LaDonna Jempson was in attendance to make a donation and thank Hoffman for his efforts. “We appreciate Ed for what he’s done,” Jempson said. “He’s very engaged in what’s going on in our community and events nationwide like this. When he’s passionate about something, he goes all the way – and this is a prime example of going all the way for something he supports, and he definitely supports the vets.”