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Dedication to Service


Former Marine Dave spent six years in active duty and another nine as a civilian contractor serving his country in the Middle East. Now that he’s a father to three young kids under age four, he’s decided to switch gears and become a state trooper – the risk involved in constant deployment is just too great now that he’s a dad. The downside to any career change is the lag in getting that first paycheck, and it’s been difficult for Dave, whose modest academy pay won’t even begin until this winter. Choosing to be a presence in his kids’ lives over his longstanding career, he resigned from his job and is looking forward to the future. 

The Boot Campaign provided Dave with a grant to cover major living expenses while he waits for entry into the law enforcement academy later this year. We’re so thankful for the many years he spent defending our nation and are even more thankful he returned home unharmed to care for his family. Since 2011, our Military Recovery Fund has given more than $1.8 million to deserving servicemen and women like Dave, with plans to go bigger and better each year. It’s the least we can do, and we’re happy to do it.

“I am no longer traveling overseas into the war zones…I am home full time with the family for the first time and I look forward to the future with them. Thank you Boot Campaign.” ~Dave