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Country Musician Chase Rice Wants YOU to Join Him in Lacing Up Your Combat Boots!


From the football field to the racetrack, as a man still in his 20’s, Chase Rice has led a pretty extraordinary life! On October 15th, the Florida native is releasing his second EP – Ready Set Roll. This week, he’s also adding “Boot Boy” to his roster with the release of his official boot photo now on http://BootCampaign.com

Curious to know more about this budding music star, I fired away questions and Chase was happy to oblige! Read our chat below…

Where is your current home base?

Nashville, TN!

With your second EP about to drop, how is your style as a musician evolving?

I’ve developed a TON since my first albums. This EP was so much more fun for me because I didn’t produce it. A lot of the production was done while writing the songs because I wrote a few of them with Chris DeStefano who works on the track while we write the song. I love that process. It opens my mind up so much when I can hear the production as we write. My style is much more wordy verses now and HUGE choruses.

As a writer on “Cruise”, tell us what’s behind the lyrics?

The lyrics for “Cruise” are honestly the same old thing: a girl and a guy riding around in a truck. It’s descriptive, especially of the girl, which to me makes every girl want be her and every guy want her. The stars aligned with that song. We wrote it well with an extremely catchy melody, production was unbelievable, and Tyler and Brian’s (of Florida Georgia Line) voice and style is perfect for the song. Very blessed to be a part of it.

Tell us your reaction as the song climbed the charts and then hit #1.

I honestly didn’t think “Cruise” would do anything. A first single on a band nobody has ever heard of, that doesn’t have a label has to fail, right? Well thank God I was proven wrong on that one. Blown away that it has now sold over 6 million copies. Extremely happy about it too!

You played college football, worked on championship NASCAR teams, and were a contestant on the hit TV show “Survivor.” Oh yes, and you now write hit country songs. Seriously, is there anything you HAVEN’T done?

I really have lived a pretty wild life! I’m crazy thankful for all the cool stuff I’ve been able to do and it’s all stuff I truly love which makes me even more blessed. Football is king for me. I love football more than anything in the world, and when it was taken from me working in NASCAR– running in front of cars zooming by at 50mph for the best race team in the world — was a pretty badass second option. But that whole time my love for writing country music and singing was too much; had to give up that awesome job for this one. I’d say I was in a win-win situation, but very happy I chose music. It’s an unbelievably fun life, and I love everything about writing these songs and playing them every night. I do know I haven’t had a Number 1 as an artist yet, that’s my next step, and I’m working hard to get there!

When you’re not performing, you’re most likely to be…?

Right now writing! Right now things are so busy there’s no such thing as not working and I’m perfectly happy with that. In my head when I’m imaging what it would be like to not be working, I like to think… if it’s Fall I’m in the woods with a monster white tail in my cross hairs…or if it’s warm weather I want to be on the lake or ocean. Water is in my blood, always has been growing up in Daytona Beach, FL and having a house on Lake Glenville in Cashiers, NC. Put me on a wakeboard or boat and I’m a happy man.

How did you hear about the Boot Campaign, and what made you decide to lace up a pair of combat boots?

I heard about the Boot Campaign through Karen McGuire who actually runs the radio promo part of my management company. She said military and I said I’m in. I’m a HUGE supporter or our military. The two books on my nightstand are my Bible, and Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. I grew up wanting to be a Navy SEAL. I have unbelievable respect for any man or woman who’s willing to lay down their life for me and my freedom and country. I’ll do anything to help our military out in anyway I can.

Do you have any personal connections to the military that you’d like to share?

Both my grandpas were military men. My mom is a military brat so I’ve always had military in my blood. My mom’s dad was in the Air Force and my dad’s dad was in the Amy (no clue how he didn’t get kicked out). My mom’s dad was more of the responsible officer type, my dad’s dad was more of the, “What can I do to get kicked out of the Army today?” type guy! Loved them both. And the stories my dad’s dad told me were more about the fun he had in the military, not so appropriate for this! Loved them both. And will never have words to say how much I love our men and women who serve this badass country day in and day out.

Couldn’t agree more, Chase! Want to learn more about Chase, his new EP, and a special offer on Sound Cloud? Visit our BUZZ page here: http://bit.ly/ChaseR