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Boot Campaign Teams Up with Hewlett Packard


I am certainly not a writer, but I do have something to say. It has been a humbling experience to work closely with the Hewlett Packard (HP) team members on the 2013 HP Home of the Brave campaign. In partnership with the Boot Campaign, the entire campaign is run by HP Employees to THANK our Veteran’s.

There are millions of Veterans in the United States that served this country proudly during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, during peacetime, the Gulf War and most recently Iraq & Afghanistan. They span every generation and are located in every city across America. Tens of thousands are hospitalized due to injury or illness and this time, they need us!

The HP Home of the Brave Campaign is focused around Veteran’s Day to say ‘Thank You’ to these brave men and women. As the charity partner, Boot Campaign was granted money to then turn around and purchase necessary items for the VA Medical Centers across the nation where they are housed.

My roll? Online Wal-Mart registry shopping!

I was surprised by how emotional it was buying the basics for thousands of Veteran’s (7,500 to be exact at 29 VA Medical Centers). And by basics, I do mean underwear, socks, sweats, toothpaste, coffee, movies, games…that kind of stuff. Things that I myself take for granted that mean so much to these folks living at these centers that make their daily lives better. I pictured each of their faces every time I made a purchase. Such a small way to say ‘thanks for all you’ve done and have sacrificed’.

The campaign was launched last year in 2012 as a small initiative and it grew tremendously this year. I was thrilled that the Boot Campaign got to be apart of such a great, great thing as the sole partner charity. 2014 will prove to be even better! Put things into perspective for me going into the holiday gift-buying season. Sometimes, it really is just the little things.