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Angels In The Outfield


For Arkansas twin brothers Wes and Will McCrotty, patriotism is a way of life. The pair began their Boots On Baseball tournament in 2012 and have since gone on to impact the lives of many very special people, including veteran Chris Tarte. Wes and Will first met Chris at their 2012 baseball tournament, and the following year led a group of volunteers in repairing and renovating the Tartes’ new home.

The home, purchased in 2013 by Chris & Natalie Tarte provided a much-needed landing spot for Chris and his family, but also a vehicle for service and patriotism for the McCrotty brothers and dozens of young baseball-player volunteers. Had it not been for the Boots on Baseball tournament, the wheels of change would not have been set in motion, bringing Sean Parnell and Boot Girl Char to visit the group and change the lives of everyone in attendance.

Though war has taken its toll on Chris Tarte and thousands of other military heroes, there is healing in the kindness and service of civilian patriots like Wes and Will McCrotty. The Boot Campaign is honored to be a part of their efforts and those of other homegrown patriots. Our housing initiative and the work of Patriots like the McCrotty brothers wouldn’t be possible without our generous donors, so please give back again this year. To make your end of the year donation click here!

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