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Aaron Watson’s NEW single “Raise Your Bottle” is NOW Available


Thanks to all the fans for raising your bottle with us this Memorial Day weekend to support our troops. Now you can support our military in another way by helping Aaron Watson raise money for our wounded warriors. ALL of the proceeds from the NEW single “Raise Your Bottle” will be donated to The Boot Campaign to assist our military and their families through hard times.

“Raise Your Bottle” can now be purchased from iTunes & Amazon.

Message from Aaron: 

I am the son of a soldier and proud of that beyond words. All my life I have watched my Dad endure hardships of all kinds because of the severe injuries he received in battle. At a very young age, I developed a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for all the men and women who have served our Country.  And now I feel called to give back.

My new single, “Raise Your Bottle,” was inspired by not only my Dad, but by all Veterans, both past, present, and future.  This is a special song to me because it is something that is bigger than myself, and even bigger than country music.  This song has a higher purpose than just achieving some ranking on a chart; it will be a workhorse for our heroes raising both awareness and money.  Every penny that this song generates will go directly towards our wounded heroes and their families; families just like mine.  I may have written this song, but this song truly belongs to the men and women who inspired it, who wrote it with their actions of bravery, courage, and sacrifice.  “Raise Your Bottle” is my way of saying thanks for FREEDOM!  

God bless,

Aaron Watson