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“What Do You Push For?”: Pushups for Charity to Raise Funds for Boot Campaign


Pushups for Charity is an alliance of many of the world’s most respected fitness professionals who have come together to support worthy charities by providing free fitness coaching and exercise programming to all who participate in a Pushups for Charity event, or sponsor someone participating.

Pushups For Charity is for anyone who:

  1. Wants to support a worthwhile and deserving cause by helping us raise money for charity. 
  2. Is capable of doing pushups now, or wants to learn how to do pushups. Open to males and females of all ages between 8-98 (minors need consent from their parents – and probably someone to drive them to the event 🙂 Your current level of fitness does not matter…only your willingness to have fun and make a difference.
  3. Wants to have fun getting in great shape. Everyone who participates or sponsors a participant gets FREE fitness coaching from one of our partners in your local area. If you’re already in great shape, you are definitely welcome to participate – we’d love to have you at your local area event to serve as a role model and inspiration to others! Plus, you can probably do a bunch of pushups, so you’ll be able to raise lots of money for charity!
  4. Is looking for a really good reason to start working out. If you’ve struggled to find motivation and inspiration to exercise before, there’s nothing like being part of something significant like this to get you going! You’ll be inspired by how your friends respond when you ask them to sponsor you, you’ll feel accountable to following through (always a major motivator), and you’ll learn HOW to get in great shape from the leading fitness experts in your town who have more than a few secrets to share with you that will get you the body you want fast.

How Pushups For Charity Works

Pushups For Charity is a simple way for people to “get fit, have fun and make a difference.” It’s not a competition with anyone else, but it’s a way to challenge yourself to be, do and have more.

And you don’t have to do thousands of pushups to make a difference.

All you do is as many pushups as you can in 90 seconds – just one time at a Pushups for Charity event – and ask your friends, family and co-workers to donate fifty cents or one dollar for each pushup you do in those 90 seconds (the average donation certainly won’t break the bank for anyone…and every dollar helps).

It doesn’t matter if you can only do 10. Every pushup counts. Because every pushup raises money for charity, and every dollar goes directly to the charity – we don’t keep a dime.

But you don’t have to do a single pushup if you don’t want to, because there are other ways you can contribute, which I’ll explain in a minute. And it gets even better, because while you help others in need by raising money for charity, you’ll also be helping yourself…

How You Can Give…And Get…At The Same Time!

Most folks like you and me give what time, effort and donations to charity we can because we want to help others in need. And that is reward in itself.

But here at Pushups for Charity, we’re on a mission to raise money for charity AND to help people in all our local communities who want to get in shape, lose weight and adopt the exercise habit for life-long health.

If you already exercise regularly…congratulations! We want you to come out and do Pushups For Charity as a role model and inspiration for others (you know…pay it forward).

But if you’ve fallen off the fitness band wagon – or never got on it in the first place – then this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn the fundamentals of good exercise and fitness from us, real experts with a proven track record of success…for FREE!

For more information on Pushups For Charity and to register to participate or sponsor someone who is participating, simply click here to choose the Pushups for Charity fitness expert nearest you and watch the brief video they’ve prepared for you.

Three Ways You Can Help

We have an aggressive fundraising goal for Pushups For Charity. We’d like to be able to donate a significant amount of money to charity. But in order to do that, we need “all hands on deck.”

I sincerely hope we can count on you to help raise money for charity by participating in whatever capacity you’re most comfortable with (it’s a good idea to step outside your “comfort zone” from time to time, especially when it can benefit others – and you – so much, so we sincerely hope you will participate).

Here are three different ways you can help:

  1. You can register to participate by doing pushups at your local Pushups for Charity Challenge event. You’ll be provided with some fundraising tools (emails and a letter you can send to your friends, family and co-workers to get them to sponsor you at just 50 cents to $1 for each pushup you do in 90 seconds), a video showing you how to do pushups the right way and how to improve your pushup technique and strength in preparation for the event. We’d love to have you participate in this fun event!
  2. You can register to sponsor someone who is participating in the Pushups For Charity Challenge. You’ll get a sponsorship package with all the details when you register for more info on a local event. Sponsors are just as important as participants in this special fundraising drive!
  3. If you just don’t want to participate by doing pushups or by sponsoring someone doing pushups, we’d still really appreciate your help spreading the word about Pushups For Charity by simply telling everyone you know about this website. You’ll be supporting a worthy charity, and your friends will appreciate it because they can get a great free gift…that’s very valuable!