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Three Cheers for Shiner Beer!


Forging a partnership with the oldest independent brewery in Texas is pretty cool itself, but looking back at 2013 and the immense contributions the Boot Campaign has received from Shiner Beer, there’s more to the story than a boots-and-beer pairing. Over the past three years, Shiner has grown to be one of the Boot Campaign’s biggest champions, beginning with a spark in one employee and culminating in a third straight year of unwavering support. Let’s raise a toast to Shiner’s inspiring commitment to military families!

Veterans Day 2011 marked the first Toast Our Troops (TOT) event in Houston, which kicked off the relationship between Shiner and the Boot Campaign and paved the way for a full slate of support. That first event was simply one day in one town, but the response was enormous and plans were made to expand the concept in 2012. For the second year campaign, marketing spread to packaging, trucks, and more bars throughout the southwest region. As expected, the results surpassed the bar set in 2011 and provided critical funding for Boot Campaign initiatives.

Like the years before, Toast Our Troops 2013 was a resounding success. Sales of Shiner’s specially marked “Toast Our Troops” packages generated almost $35,000 for the Boot Campaign. Moreover, Shiner’s distributor partners raised $22,000 through their local fundraising efforts and the brewery matched donations from their wholesalers, bringing the total contribution to the Boot Campaign via Toast Our Troops to $78,650. 

Speaking of the Shiner Beer Run, this year’s event again exceeded expectations in both turnout and fundraising. Held at the Spoetzel Brewery in Shiner, Texas on November 23, the 5K run and half marathon sold out well in advance of race day, hosting just over 1,600 runners and walkers. Through race registration and raffle proceeds as well as on-site merchandise sales, Shiner was able to donate over $35,000 to the Boot Campaign.

Over the course of 2013, Shiner assisted with more than a few Boot Campaign endeavors. In addition to designating the Boot Campaign as the fundraising recipient of several Shiner events, the corporation has provided beverage support for every Boot Campaign experience this year. Austin’s Friends with Benefits Concert, the 100 Mile Walk in Ft. Hood, Boot ‘N Shoot in Dallas, the Redneck Triathlon in Ft. Worth, Final Push Party in Washington D.C., the Boot Ride in Los Angeles, Calif., and the Boot Walk Pre Party in Nashville, Tenn. were all outfitted with Shiner goods and good wishes. 

Adding up all the financial contributions Shiner made to the Boot Campaign in 2013 – don’t forget the $10,000 raised through Shiner’s Great Austin to Shiner Pedal (G.A.S.P.) – the total comes to just under $125,000. Of course, there’s no CPA-approved formula to calculate the value of moral support, but that’s off the charts as well. The Boot Campaign is incredibly blessed and exceedingly proud to call Shiner Beer a partner and anxiously awaits the new adventures of 2014. Cheers!