In 2010, the idea to do pushups for charity crossed the desk of The Training Spot, a family owned and operated personal training studio in Orange County, CA.  The concept was simplistic in nature. You push to absolute failure for 90 seconds and in exchange, you receive pledges per push up to raise money and awareness for United States veterans.

For the Fetters family, the decision to join in on the idea was a no-brainer.  Paul & Carolyn Fetters, alongside their son Mattison, are from a multi-generation of military.  And they knew their three locations were full of clients who felt the same in regard to supporting our men & women who have sacrificed so much.

The first year was a complete test of faith in the vision.  They told everyone where and when to show up with high hopes of doing some serious fundraising.  Amazingly so, this incredible community did not disappoint. Among countless other fitness studios, The Training Spot raised the most amount of money their very first year and solidified their place in this incredible opportunity.

Fast forward to 2019, The Training Spot just completed their 9th annual Pushups for Charity.  It has become a day that the community anticipates for months. What was once simply about pushups, has grown to numerous vendors, games, corporate sponsors, and of course, still pushups, lots and lots of pushups!

To date, The Training Spot has raised over $150,000 for Boot Campaign!  Their community consistently grows this event and the camaraderie is second to none.  If you ever find yourself in Surf City, USA on Armed Forces Day, be push up ready!

A note from the owner, Mattison Fetters:

“This incredible event is an absolute honor to host year after year.  The support of the Boot Campaign has made it possible to grow it to what it is today.  Every year we out-do ourselves and having the support to accomplish this great feat drives me to raise the bar each time.  I already look forward to next year’s event. A DECADE of pushups. Hard to imagine and all from such humble beginnings. I thank everyone involved from the bottom of my heart.” 

Click here to host your own pushups for charity event like The Training Spot and the many others across our great nation!