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Thank you to Shiner Beer Run!


It was a cold, windy, and rainy morning in Shiner, TX but Boot Campaign was ready to spread the GIVE Back message to everyone at the Shiner Beer Run! We may have huddled for warmth behind our booth but we had a ton of people engaged and curious about what we were up to. Nothing thrills us more than getting to talk about Boot Campaign and all the wonderful things that we do for the men and women of our military, and when we get to do that at SHINER we have a blast!

The 2nd Annual Shiner Beer Run raised a total of $35,827 for Boot Campaign! What a magnificent organization to team up with! Huge THANKS go out to everyone from Shiner, iRun Texas, Split Second Productions, Ranch Hand, PhotoWolfe.com, ALL the Volunteers and Sponsors that participated in this year’s Shiner Beer Run! It was a HUGE success and we can’t wait until next year!