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Sharing the load


Meet the Bush family. Veteran Jason and his wife Natalee are parents to four-year-old Masen and two-year-old Nolen. After serving four years in the Marine Corps, including a deployment to Iraq, Jason rejoined the civilian world and earned a degree in fire science/suppression. He then enrolled in paramedic school to further his employment opportunities while Natalee cared for their boys. 

Life post-service hasn’t been easy for the Bush family. Mason was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which can be life-threatening if not treated with surgery. Nolen was born with a cleft lip and palate, also requiring surgery, additional procedures and extensive speech therapy. In order to provide Nolen with the care he needs to grow and thrive, the family must travel two hours to the nearest children’s hospital, which is more than a drain on their time and finances. Due to mounting medical expenses, Jason took a break from school to work full time, but has since been laid off twice. Consequently, Natalee returned to work part time, but the damage to their finances had been done.  

Emotionally, Jason and Natalee have withstood more than their share of stress, but their health is beginning to suffer as a result. Jason’s previously well-managed post-traumatic stress and anxiety are once again clouding each day. Natalee has developed her own ailments, including eczema, migraines and dental issues. With their increasing medical costs and employment difficulties, the Bush Family feared for their future.

The Boot Campaign was honored to extend a helping hand to the Bush family. Through our Military Recovery Fund (MRF), they received a grant to bring several outstanding bills current, cover travel expenses for Nolen’s medical care and provide additional support for living expenses. We also assisted Jason and Natalee in securing financial planning and employment counseling through our dedicated partner organizations.

“I wish I had the appropriate words to describe the gratitude that is filling my heart,” shares Natalee. “Thank you so very much, this is a huge blessing for our family and has lifted some weight off our shoulders – thank you!”

It was our pleasure.