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Rhett Reuland: Recovery Is Underway!


I love it when inspiration comes wrapped in a four foot, brown-eyed, ahhhdorably cute kid! There’s no denying the fact that kids can really tug at your heart strings in a way nobody else can! And for ten year old Rhett Reuland, son of Boot Girl Sherri, he’s tugged and tugged and tugged! He stands as the Boot Campaign’s youngest volunteer proving that you’re never too young to show your gratitude to our military by getting involved.  This summer Rhett worked with his Mimi to cut and sew our signature gratitude bags. All told they made nearly 200 bags of assorted shapes and sizes.

Today we celebrate the fact that Rhett is in full recovery after undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor in the center of his brain. Just ten days ago this delicate surgery had all of us on stand-still because of how much we love this little guy! And while we waited anxiously to hear good news, those seven hours of waiting were no doubt, hard to take. We all took pause realizing how many families do this on a daily basis for their sons, daughters, wives, husbands and friends currently serving all over the world. In the end, we all walked away appreciating even more the families of our military who wait, sometimes months or years to hug someone they desperately love. And we learned this from a ten year old!

On behalf of the Boot Campaign family, Boot Girl Sherri, her husband Kurt and daughter Claire, thank you for your prayers, encouragement, good thoughts and well wishes extended to Rhett these past few weeks. His prognosis is excellent and he’s almost ready to return to school……almost!