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Jeff has spent 15 years serving his country, both in active duty and in the Army Reserves. A 2003 deployment to Iraq left him struggling with PTSD, and over the past several years, it’s gotten much worse. At the end of last year, he just couldn’t cope any longer and realized it was time to seek in-patient treatment. Though it meant a complete loss of income for his family, Jeff knew it was the only way he would recover from his addiction and begin to handle the PTSD that’s plagued him for more than a decade. He spent several weeks away from his family and started on the road to wellness. While there was no question it was the right decision, the financial toll was high. 

To complicate what was already a stressful situation, Jeff’s seven-year-old son is facing a medical crisis. Abnormalities with the boy’s liver lead to intense and expensive testing, and while both leukemia and lymphoma have thankfully been ruled out, the cause of his issues is still unknown. More testing is required before a diagnosis and plan of treatment can be determined, and the family is understandably strained. Though Jeff returned to work part-time this spring, it’s been a struggle for he and his wife to get back on their feet. The mounting medical expenses make it even harder; they needed a hand to get over the last bump in this road. 

Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund provided a grant to Jeff and his family to cover several of their outstanding expenses while he ramps back up to full time employment. In just a few weeks, he’ll bring home his first paycheck and the family will be financially stable. We’re so glad we were able to help them get back on their feet, and we’re thankful Jeff took steps to get treatment for the PTSD that impacted his every day for the last 12 years. But most importantly, we’re wishing for good health for his son and their family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, too.