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Montgomery Gentry Lacing up Boots to Salute All Who Serve!


Since they released their first hit “Hillbilly Shoes,” we’ve been stomping our boots to the classic tunes of country superstars Montgomery Gentry. With a new single being released this month, a music video this fall, and a new album release in early 2015, we couldn’t be more excited to hear what hits this duo pumps out next! Amid the high energy of pre-release, the guys are partnering with the Boot Campaign to show their gratitude for all who serve our country by swapping their cowboy boots for Boot Campaign combat boots. We are thrilled to welcome Montgomery Gentry to our family of Celebrity Supporters, and thank them for their act of kindness in helping us broadcast our mission of cultivating awareness, promoting patriotism, and providing assistance to military, past and present, and their families.

We got a chance to chat with Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery over a little light-hearted round of Q&A. Check out the conversation below and send ‘em some love @mgunderground. Don’t forget to check out their official Boot Campaign photo now posted on http://BootCampaign.com

1. What does patriotism mean to you? To me, patriotism is being proud of America and all it stands for. Proud of our military and all that they sacrifice so that we can dream as big as we want to and be anything we want to be. That to me is patriotism. – Eddie

2. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not on stage? I like to spend as much time with my family as I can. Our youngest daughter is into so many activities so they don’t get to go out on the road as much as they used to so when I’m home I spend time with them. – Troy

3. Favorite red, white and blue item? I have a new jacket I wear on stage that has sort of a flag sewed on the arm that I love. – Eddie

4. Anything you can tell us about what’s coming up for you guys? We’ve been working on an album with Michael Knox. It’s half done and we’ll have a single out this summer. We’ll finish it this summer/fall. We can’t wait to have new music out there for the fans. – Troy

5. How did it feel to lace up combat boots? We went over with the USO to visit with soldiers in the middle east a few years ago. We had to wear combat boots and camo and the whole nine yards. Especially when we were out in some of the hot zones. Lacing up those boots reminds me especially of some of the wounded guys we met over there and what they sacrificed. – Troy

6. Why did you want to join the Boot Campaign and express gratitude for our troops? We can’t say it enough. How grateful we are and proud we are of those guys and girls fighting every day for freedom. They are our heroes. -Eddie

7. Favorite part about playing music for a living? Just being able to connect with people and entertain them. Knowing they spent their hard earned money to come hear us play and went home happy and entertained is why we do what we do. – Troy